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AnimationSettings.AfterEffect 属性 (PowerPoint)AnimationSettings.AfterEffect Property (PowerPoint)

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返回或设置一个PpAfterEffect常量,该常量表示指定的形状在创建后是出现暗、 隐藏或不变。读/写。Returns or sets a PpAfterEffect constant that indicates whether the specified shape appears dimmed, hidden, or unchanged after it is built. Read/write.


表达式AfterEffectexpression. AfterEffect

表达式_一个表示AnimationSettings对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents an AnimationSettings object.


您不会看到 aftereffect 除非形状播放动画,且幻灯片上的至少一个其他形状后,它必须被赋予动画设置的形状。对形状进行动画处理, AnimationSettings对象的形状的TextLevelEffect属性必须设置为ppAnimateLevelNone,或EntryEffect属性必须设置为常量而不ppEffectNone。此外,动画属性必须设置为True。若要更改生成顺序的一张幻灯片上的形状,请使用AnimationOrder属性。You won't see the aftereffect you set for a shape unless the shape gets animated and at least one other shape on the slide gets animated after it. For a shape to be animated, the TextLevelEffect property of the AnimationSettings object for the shape must be set to something other than ppAnimateLevelNone, or the EntryEffect property must be set to a constant other than ppEffectNone. In addition, the Animate property must be set to True. To change the build order of the shapes on a slide, use the AnimationOrder property.

AfterEffect属性的值可以是其中一个PpAfterEffect常量。The value of the AfterEffect property can be one of these PpAfterEffect constants.

|| |:-----| |ppAfterEffectDimppAfterEffectDim| |ppAnimAfterEffectHideppAnimAfterEffectHide| |ppAfterEffectHideOnNextClickppAfterEffectHideOnNextClick| |ppAfterEffectMixedppAfterEffectMixed| |ppAfterEffectNoneppAfterEffectNone|


本示例指定当前演示文稿中第一张幻灯片的标题在创建后变暗。但是,如果它是第一张幻灯片中要生成的最后的或唯一的形状,文本将不会变暗。This example specifies that the title on slide one in the active presentation is to appear dimmed after the title is built. If the title is the last or only shape to be built on slide one, the text does not appear dimmed.

With ActivePresentation.Slides(1).Shapes.Title.AnimationSettings

    .Animate = True

    .TextLevelEffect = ppAnimateByAllLevels

    .AfterEffect = ppAfterEffectDim

End With

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