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向文档中添加控件Add Controls to Documents

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若要向文档中添加控件,请显示控件工具箱,单击要添加的控件,然后单击文档。拖动控件的调整控点,直到控件的轮廓大小和形状符合要求。To add controls to a document, display the Control Toolbox, click the control you want to add, and then click the document. Drag an adjustment handle of the control until the control's outline is the size and shape you want.

请注意 将一个控件 (或若干"成组"的控件) 从窗体拖回控件工具箱创建该控件,您可以重复使用的模板。这是一个有用的功能,实现一种标准,为应用程序的"外观和感觉"。Note Dragging a control (or a number of "grouped" controls) from the form back to the Control Toolbox creates a template of that control, which you can reuse. This is a useful feature for implementing a standard "look and feel" for your applications.

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