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SignatureSet.AddSignatureLine 方法 (办公室)SignatureSet.AddSignatureLine Method (Office)

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向在其中收集签名的文档中添加行。Adds lines to a document where signatures are collected.


表达式AddSignatureLine( varSigProv )expression. AddSignatureLine( varSigProv )

表达式_该表达式返回一个SignatureSet对象。_expression An expression that returns a SignatureSet object.


名称Name必需/可选Required/Optional数据类型Data Type说明Description
varSigProvvarSigProv可选OptionalVariantVariant代表签名提供程序的 ID。Represents the ID of the signature provider.

返回值Return Value



将行添加后,文档的作者可以添加必要的信息,以显示每个签名行的名称和 (可选) 的标题应签名的人。当用户打开一个文档时,Microsoft Office 识别一个或多个签名行都存在,但空白。随后,office 将警报的用户,他们需要签署此文档和帮助它们的位置在文档中查找所请求的签名位于。After the line is added, the author of the document can add the necessary information so that each signature line shows the name and (optionally) the title of the person who should sign. When a user opens the document, Microsoft Office recognizes that one or more signature lines are present, but blank. Office then alerts the user that they need to sign this document and helps them find where in the document the requested signatures are located.


以下示例中的过程将接收签名提供程序的 ID,并添加签名行(只要文档不为只读)。The procedure in the following example receives the ID of a signature provider and, as long as the document is not read-only, adds a signature line.

Function InsertSignatureLines(ByVal SignProviderID As Variant) As Signature 
Dim objSignature As Signature 

If CanAddSignatureLine Then 
 objSignature = AddSignatureLine(SignProviderID) 
End If 

InsertSignatureLines = objSignature 

End Function

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