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SignatureProvider 成员 (办公室)SignatureProvider Members (Office)

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代表签名提供程序加载项。Represents a signature provider add-in.

代表签名提供程序加载项。Represents a signature provider add-in.


GenerateSignatureLineImageGenerateSignatureLineImage获取签名行图像。Gets a signature line image.
GetProviderDetailGetProviderDetail向签名提供程序加载项查询各种详细信息。Queries the signature provider add-in for various details.
HashStreamHashStream允许签名提供程序加载项为文档创建一个哈希值,您可以使用该值来确定在进行数字签名后文档内容是否被篡改过。Allows a signature provider add-in to create a hash value for the document that you can use to determine if the document contents were tampered with after digital signing.
NotifySignatureAddedNotifySignatureAdded用于显示一个对话框,通知用户签署过程已完成并为加载项提供附加功能。Used to display a dialog box informing the user that the signing process has completed and providing additional functionality for the add-in.
ShowSignatureDetailsShowSignatureDetails使签名提供程序加载项能够显示有关已签署签名行的详细信息,并显示诸如安全时间戳等其他已存储信息。Provides a signature povider add-in the opportunity to display details about a signed signature line and display additional stored information such as a secure time-stamp.
ShowSignatureSetupShowSignatureSetup使签名提供程序加载项能够向用户显示签名设置对话框。Provides a signature provider add-in the opportunity to display the Signature Setup dialog box to the user.
ShowSigningCeremonyShowSigningCeremony使签名提供程序加载项能够给用户,从而使它们可以指定他们的身份并随后获得验证显示签名对话框。Provides a signature provider add-in the opportunity to display the Signature dialog box to users, allowing them to specify their identity and then be authenticated.
SignXmlDsigSignXmlDsig用于签署 XMLDSIG 模板。Used to sign the XMLDSIG template.
VerifyXmlDsigVerifyXmlDsig基于文档的签署状态和用于签名的证书的合法性来验证签名。Verifies a signature based on the signed state of the document and the legitimacy of the certificate used for signing.
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