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SharedWorkspaceMembers.ItemCountExceeded 属性 (办公室)SharedWorkspaceMembers.ItemCountExceeded Property (Office)

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获取一个布尔值,该值指示是否SharedWorkspaceMembers集合中的项的数目超过 99,可以在共享工作区任务窗格中显示。只读的。Gets a Boolean value that indicates whether the number of SharedWorkspaceMembers items in the collection has exceeded the 99 that can be displayed in the Shared Workspace task pane. Read-only.

请注意 开始使用 Microsoft Office 2010年,此对象或成员已否决,并不应使用。Note Beginning with Microsoft Office 2010, this object or member has been deprecated and should not be used.


表达式ItemCountExceededexpression. ItemCountExceeded

表达式_一个表示SharedWorkspaceMembers对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents a SharedWorkspaceMembers object.

返回值Return Value



共享工作区任务窗格中只能显示 99 个共享工作区文件和文件夹、 链接、 成员或任务。如果任何这些集合添加项多于 99:共享工作区任务窗格的相应选项卡将不再显示项列表,并显示一个指向共享工作区网站网页;集合将不再在本地填充,其Count属性将返回 0 (零)。The Shared Workspace task pane can only display 99 shared workspace files and folders, links, members, or tasks. If more than 99 items are added to any of these collections: the corresponding tab of the Shared Workspace task pane stops displaying the list of items and displays a link to the shared workspace site Web page instead; the collection is no longer populated locally and its Count property returns 0 (zero).

而且,一旦ItemCountExceeded属性返回True的上述集合之一,开发人员可以不再弥补这种情况以编程方式通过减少 99,以下的计数在集合中删除项目由于该集合不再进行填充。Furthermore, once the ItemCountExceeded property returns True for one of the collections listed above, the developer can no longer remedy the situation programmatically by deleting items from the collection to reduce the count below 99, because the collection is no longer populated.

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