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参考(Office 对象库参考)Reference (Object library reference for Office)

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Microsoft Office 对象库的这一部分包括 Office 对象模型中所包含的所有对象、属性、方法和事件的文档。This section of the object library for Microsoft Office 2010 contains documentation for all of the objects, properties, methods, and events contained in the Office object model.

注意 对开发跨多个平台扩展 Office 体验的解决方案感兴趣?Interested in developing solutions that extend the Office experience across multiple platforms? Check out the new Office Add-ins model.查看新的 Office 外接程序模型Check out the new Office Add-ins model.

Office 中的 VBA 入门:提供 VBA 编程可以如何帮助自定义 Office 解决方案的见解。Getting Started with VBA in Office: Provides insight into how VBA programming can help to customize Office solutions.

Office 2016 中 VBA 的新增功能:列出 Office 2016 的新 VBA 语言元素。What's New for VBA in Office 2016: Lists the new VBA language elements for Office 2016.

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