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ODSOFilter 属性 (办公室)ODSOFilter Properties (Office)

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ApplicationApplication获取表示ODSOFilter对象 (可对一个自动化对象使用该属性来返回该对象的容器应用程序) 的容器应用程序的应用程序对象。只读的。Gets an Application object that represents the container application for the ODSOFilter object (you can use this property with an Automation object to return that object's container application). Read-only.
ColumnColumn获取或设置一个字符串,表示要在筛选器中使用的邮件合并数据源中的字段的名称。读/写。Gets or sets a String that represents the name of the field in the mail merge data source to use in the filter. Read/write.
CompareToCompareTo获取或设置一个字符串,表示查询筛选条件中的比较文本。读/写。Gets or sets a String that represents the text to compare in the query filter criterion. Read/write.
比较Comparison获取或设置一个MsoFilterComparison常量,该常量表示如何比较CompareTo属性。读/写。Gets or sets an MsoFilterComparison constant that represents how to compare the Column and CompareTo properties. Read/write.
结合Conjunction获取或设置一个MsoFilterConjunction常量,该常量表示筛选条件与其他筛选条件中的ODSOFilters对象的方式。读/写。Gets or sets an MsoFilterConjunction constant that represents how a filter criterion relates to other filter criteria in the ODSOFilters object. Read/write.
CreatorCreator获取一个 32 位整数,它指示在其中创建ODSOFilter对象的应用程序。只读的。Gets a 32-bit integer that indicates the application in which the ODSOFilter object was created. Read-only.
IndexIndex获取一个LongODSOFilter对象在集合中的索引号。只读的。Gets a Long representing the index number for an ODSOFilter object in the collection. Read-only.
ParentParent获取对象的ODSOFilter对象。只读的。Gets the Parent object for the ODSOFilter object. Read-only.
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