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IRibbonUI 方法 (办公室)IRibbonUI Methods (Office)

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ActivateTabActivateTab激活指定的自定义选项卡。如果没有功能区或功能区处于折叠状态,则此方法返回 S_FALSE。Activates the specified custom tab. This method returns S_FALSE if there is no Ribbon or the Ribbon is collapsed.
ActivateTabMsoActivateTabMso激活指定的内置选项卡。Activates the specified built-in tab.
ActivateTabQActivateTabQ激活 Microsoft Office Fluent 功能区用户界面上指定的自定义选项卡。使用该选项卡的完全限定名称,其中包括该选项卡的 ID 和命名空间。Activates the specified custom tab on the Microsoft Office Fluent Ribbon UI. Uses the fully qualified name of the tab which includes the ID and the namespace of the tab.
使无效Invalidate使功能区用户界面所有控件的缓存值失效。Invalidates the cached values for all of the controls of the Ribbon user interface.
InvalidateControlInvalidateControl使功能区用户界面上单个控件的缓存值失效。Invalidates the cached value for a single control on the Ribbon user interface.
InvalidateControlMsoInvalidateControlMso用于使内置控件失效。Used to invalidate a built-in control.
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