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WhatsThisMode 方法WhatsThisMode Method

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鼠标指针形状更改为这是什么指针并准备应用程序以显示有关选定对象的帮助。此方法存在在 Macintosh 上,但没有指针功能。语法对象WhatsThisMode对象_占位符表示一个对象表达式,计算为应用于列表中的对象。如果未指定_对象,则假定用户窗体具有焦点可_对象_。备注执行WhatsThisMode方法将应用程序放在同一状态与单击标题栏上的这是什么按钮。将鼠标指针更改为这是什么指针。当用户单击对象时,单击对象的WhatsThisHelpID属性用于调用上下文相关的帮助。Causes the mouse pointer to change to the What's This pointer and prepares the application to display Help on a selected object. This method exists on the Macintosh, but there is no pointer functionality. Syntaxobject. WhatsThisMode The object placeholder represents anobject expression that evaluates to an object in the Applies To list. If object is omitted, the UserForm with thefocus is assumed to be object. Remarks Executing the WhatsThisMode method places the application in the same state as clicking the What's This button on the title bar. The mouse pointer changes to the What's This pointer. When the user clicks an object, the WhatsThisHelpID property of the clicked object is used to invoke the context-sensitive Help.


下面的示例更改鼠标指针为这是什么(问号) 指针,当用户单击用户窗体。如果既没有WhatsThisHelp问号按钮属性在属性窗口中设置为True ,则下面的调用无效。The following example changes the mouse pointer to the What's This (question mark) pointer when the user clicks the UserForm. If neither the WhatsThisHelp or the WhatsThisButton property is set to True in the Properties window, the following invocation has no effect.

Private Sub UserForm_Click()
' Turn mouse pointer to What's This question mark.
End Sub
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