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什么是工具提示?What is a ToolTip?

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ToolTip 为简短的说明,通常只是一些词,在用户暂时将鼠标指针保持在控件或用户界面的另一部分上方(无需单击)时,它将出现。您可以自定义控件的以及工具箱的 ToolTips。A ToolTip is a short description, usually just a few words, that appears when the user holds the mouse pointer briefly over a control or another part of the user interface without clicking. You can customize ToolTips for controls and for the Toolbox.

从表单复制到工具箱的新控件的默认值是控件类型遵循的“新建”值。例如,自定义的 CommandButton(例如“确定”)的默认 ToolTip 是“新建 CommandButton”。如果某控件不具有关联 ToolTip,则“未知”为默认值。The default value for a new control that is copied from a form to the Toolbox is "New" followed by the control type. For example, the default ToolTip for a customized CommandButton (such as OK) is "New CommandButton". If a control has no associated ToolTip, "Unknown" is the default value.

请注意 工具提示是由 Microsoft 窗体为窗体开发人员在设计模式中提供的信息。每个控件都有属性,控件提示文字,允许开发人员在应用程序运行时向最终用户提供"工具提示"的窗体。Note The ToolTip is information provided by Microsoft Forms to forms developers in design mode. Each control has a property, ControlTipText, that allows forms developers to give a "ToolTip" to end users while the application is running.

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