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Visual Basic 菜单Visual Basic Menus

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Visual Basic 有两类菜单:内置菜单和快捷菜单。Visual Basic has two types of menus, built-in and shortcut.

内置菜单Built-in Menus

内置菜单在菜单栏上显示 Visual Basic 窗口的顶部。每个菜单包含与菜单名称的命令。例如,格式菜单包含用于设置表单格式的命令。某些命令有子菜单包含更具体的命令。例如,在视图菜单上的工具栏命令具有子菜单,其中包含工具栏和自定义命令的名称。您可以使用自定义命令来修改内置菜单或将命令添加到菜单栏。Built-in menus appear on the menu bar across the top of the Visual Basic window. Each menu contains commands that relate to the menu name. For example, the Format menu contains commands used for formatting your form. Some of the commands have submenus that contains more specific commands. For example, the Toolbars command on the View menu has a submenu that contains the names of the toolbars and the Customize command. You can use the Customize command to modify the built-in menus or to add commands to the menu bar.

快捷菜单Shortcut Menus

快捷菜单是包含在单击鼠标右键或按 Shift+F10 时出现的常用命令的菜单。Shortcut menus are menus containing frequently used commands that appear when you click the right mouse button or press SHIFT+F10.

请注意 若要查找菜单上命令的信息,使用上的帮助菜单和命令的名称搜索搜索引用索引命令。Note To find information on a command on a menu, use the Search Reference Index command on the Help menu and search for the name of the command.

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