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在 Microsoft Forms 中撤销或恢复Undo and Redo in Microsoft Forms

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Microsoft 窗体支持撤消重做命令多个级别。这意味着您可以撤消一系列操作,而不仅仅是单个操作。Microsoft Forms supports multiple levels of Undo and Redo commands. This means you can undo a series of actions, not just a single action.

CTRL + Z 是快捷键的撤消;CTRL + Y 是重复的快捷键。CTRL+Z is the shortcut key for Undo; CTRL+Y is the shortcut key for Redo.

您不能撤消或恢复分层命令,如发送回置于顶层。例如,如果您选择了一个对象并单击快捷菜单上的下移,您将不能撤消或重复该操作。You cannot undo or redo layering commands, such as Send To Back or Bring To Front. For example, if you select an object and click Move Backward on the shortcut menu, you will not be able to undo or redo that action.

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