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TransitionPeriod 属性TransitionPeriod Property

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指定持续时间,以毫秒为单位,使用的过渡效果。语法对象TransitionPeriod[=]TransitionPeriod属性语法具有下列组成部分:Specifies the duration, in milliseconds, of a transition effect. Syntaxobject. TransitionPeriod [= Long ] The TransitionPeriod property syntax has these parts:

objectobject(所需)。对象有效。Required. A valid object.
LongLong可选。完成从一个页面到另一个页面的切换需要的时间。Optional. How long it takes to complete the transition from one page to another.

备注0 到 10000 之间的任意整数是该属性的有效设置。设置TransitionPeriod属性为零将禁用过渡效果;将TransitionPeriod设置为 10000 创建 10 秒过渡。Remarks Any integer from zero to 10000 is a valid setting for this property. Setting the TransitionPeriod property to zero disables the transition effect; setting TransitionPeriod to 10000 creates a 10-second transition.

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