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设置主导控件的提示Tips on setting the dominant control

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选择多个控件时,可以通过下列方式之一设置基准控件You can set the dominant control in one of the following ways when selecting multiple controls:

  • Shift+单击:主控件是您按住 Shift 并单击选择的第一个控件。SHIFT+CLICK: The dominant control is the first control you select using SHIFT+CLICK.

  • Ctrl+单击:主控件是您按住 Ctrl 并单击选择的最后一个控件。CTRL+CLICK: The dominant control is the last control you select using CTRL+CLICK.

  • 在工具箱上的选择对象指针: 开始要选择的控件上绘制矩形时主导控件是最接近的鼠标指针。Select Objects pointer on the Toolbox: The dominant control is nearest the mouse pointer when you begin drawing the rectangle over the controls you want to select.

如果您按住 Ctrl 并双击选定的控件,则该控件将成为主控件。If you CTRL+CLICK twice on a selected control, that control becomes the dominant control.

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