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保存命令 (文件菜单)Save Command (File Menu)

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将当前项目和所有组件的窗体和模块-都保存您的文档。独立项目分别保存为扩展名为.vba 的项目文件。Saves the current project and all of its components - forms and modules - with your document. A standalone project is saved separately as a project file with a .vba extension.

如果是第一次保存项目时,保存命令将显示另存为对话框。The Save command displays the Save As dialog box if this is the first time the project is being saved.

快捷方式工具栏:工具栏按钮。键盘快捷方式: CTRL + S。Toolbar shortcut: Toolbar button. Keyboard shortcut: CTRL+S.

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