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RSet 仅在字符串上受允许RSet allowed only on strings

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RSet用于右对齐固定长度或可变长度的字符串中的字符串数据。此错误有以下原因和解决方案:RSet is used to right align string data within fixed-length or variable-length strings. This error has the following cause and solution:

  • 您试图在不是字符串变量上使用RSet语句。You tried to use the RSet statement on avariable that isn't a string.

    如果合适,请尝试将变量转换为字符串。否则,请不要使用RSetIf appropriate, try converting the variable to a string. Otherwise, don't use RSet.

    请注意 尽管可以使用LSet语句将分配到一个不同的元素的一种用户定义的类型变量的元素但兼容、 用户定义的类型,因为它们不能保证可移植被提倡这样的赋值.Note Although the LSet statement can be used to assign the elements of oneuser-defined type variable to the elements of a different, but compatible, user-defined type, such assignments are discouraged because they can't be guaranteed to be portable.

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