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OldHeight、OldWidth 属性OldHeight, OldWidth Properties

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返回以前的高度或宽度,以磅为单位的控件。语法对象OldHeight对象OldWidthOldHeightOldWidth属性语法具有下列组成部分:Returns the previous height or width, in points, of the control. Syntaxobject. OldHeightobject. OldWidth The OldHeight and OldWidth property syntaxes have these parts:

objectobject(所需)。对象有效。Required. A valid object.

备注OldHeightOldWidth都是只读的。当移动或调整控件的大小, OldHeightOldWidth属性会自动更新。如果要更改控件的大小,高度宽度属性存储的新高度, OldHeightOldWidth存储以前的高度。这些属性是在 Layout 事件中才有效。RemarksOldHeight and OldWidth are read-only. The OldHeight and OldWidth properties are automatically updated when you move or size a control. If you change the size of a control, the Height and Width properties store the new height and OldHeight and OldWidth store the previous height. These properties are valid only in the Layout event.

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