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对象数据类型Object Data Type

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对象变量存储为引用对象的 32 位(4 字节)地址。使用 设置 语法(声明为 对象 的变量)可对其分配任何对象引用。Object variables are stored as 32-bit (4-byte) addresses that refer to objects. Using the Set statement, a variable declared as an Object can have any object reference assigned to it.

请注意虽然与对象类型声明的变量足够灵活,可以包含对任何对象的引用时,绑定到该变量引用的对象始终是最晚 (运行时绑定)。Note Although a variable declared with Object type is flexible enough to contain a reference to any object, binding to the object referenced by that variable is always late (run-time binding).若要强制前期绑定 (编译时绑定),对象将引用赋给一个变量声明用特定的名称。To force early binding (compile-time binding), assign the object reference to a variable declared with a specific class name.

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