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已加载对象(错误 360)Object already loaded (Error 360)

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已加载控件数组中的控件。此错误有以下原因和解决方案:The control in the control array has already been loaded. This error has the following cause and solution:

  • 您尝试将控件添加到控件数组Load语句但引用已经存在的索引值的运行时You tried to add a control to a control array at run time with the Load statement but the index value you referred to already exists.

    索引将引用更改为新值,或检查是否您的代码执行Load语句具有相同的索引值引用同一个不止一次。Change the index reference to a new value or check whether your code is executing the same Load statement with the same index value reference more than once.

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