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ListStyle 属性ListStyle Property

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指定列表框组合框中列表的外观。语法对象ListStyle[= fmListStyle ]ListStyle属性语法具有下列组成部分:Specifies the visual appearance of the list in a ListBox or ComboBox. Syntaxobject. ListStyle [= fmListStyle ] The ListStyle property syntax has these parts:

objectobject(所需)。对象有效。Required. A valid object.
fmListStylefmListStyle可选。列表的可视样式。Optional. The visual style of the list.

设置FmListStyle_的设置如下:Settings The settings for _fmListStyle are:

fmListStylePlainfmListStylePlain00与常规列表框类似,并具有突出显示的项的背景。Looks like a regular list box, with the background of items highlighted.
fmListStyleOptionfmListStyleOption11显示选项按钮或多选列表的复选框(默认)。当用户从组中选择一个项时,将选择与此项关联的选项按钮并取消选择组中其他项的选项按钮。Shows option buttons, or check boxes for a multi-select list (default). When the user selects an item from the group, the option button associated with that item is selected and the option buttons for the other items in the group are deselected.

备注ListStyle属性,可以更改列表框组合框的可视化表示形式。通过指定了fmListStylePlain以外的设置,您可以显示任一控件作为一组单个项目,其中包括一个可视的提示,以指示是否选中每个项目的内容。如果该控件支持一次选择 (多重选择属性设置为fmMultiSelectSingle ),用户可以按组中的一个按钮。如果该控件支持多重选择,则用户可以按组中两个或多个按钮。Remarks The ListStyle property lets you change the visual presentation of a ListBox or ComboBox. By specifying a setting other than fmListStylePlain, you can present the contents of either control as a group of individual items, with each item including a visual cue to indicate whether it is selected. If the control supports a single selection (the MultiSelect property is set to fmMultiSelectSingle ), the user can press one button in the group. If the control supports multi-select, the user can press two or more buttons in the group.

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