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项方法 (Microsoft Forms)Item Method (Microsoft Forms)

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返回成员的集合,按位置或名称。语法设置对象 = 对象项目 (collectionindex)项目方法的语法包含以下成分:Returns a member of a collection, either by position or by name. SyntaxSetObject = object. Item(collectionindex) The Item method syntax has these parts:

objectobject(所需)。对象有效。Required. A valid object.
collectionindexcollectionindex必需。成员在集合中的位置(即索引)。Required. A member's position, or index, within a collection.

设置Collectionindex_可以是字符串或整数。如果它是一个字符串,它必须是有效的成员名。如果它是一个整数的最小值为 0,最大值是小于集合中项的数目。备注如果指定无效索引或名称,则将发生错误。Settings The _collectionindex can be either a string or an integer. If it is a string, it must be a valid member name. If it is an integer, the minimum value is 0 and the maximum value is one less than the number of items in the collection. Remarks If an invalid index or name is specified, an error occurs.

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