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不合格的参数。无法编写对象,因为不支持暂留。Illegal parameter. Can't write object because it does not support persistence.

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此错误引起的原因即解决方案:This error has the following causes and solutions:

  • 您试图将对象写入一个 PropertyBag 对象,但对象不支持 ActiveX 持久性接口之一。若要解决此问题,必须对代码对象的访问。它必须 Visual Basic 创建的对象,其持久属性设置为 True。此外,类必须是公共或公用 Createable 而且必须在 ActiveX Dll、 ActiveX exe 文件或用户控件的项目。You attempted to write an object to a PropertyBag object, but the object doesn't support one of the ActiveX persistence interfaces. To fix this, you must have access to the code for the object. It must a Visual Basic-created object and have its Persistable property set to True. Also, the Class must be either Public or Public Createable and be in an ActiveX Dll, ActiveX Exe, or UserControl project.

有关其他信息,请选择相关项并按 F1(在 Windows 中)或 HELP(在 Macintosh 上)。For additional information, select the item in question and press F1 (in Windows) or HELP (on the Macintosh).

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