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自定义工具箱图标Customize a Toolbox icon

office 365 dev account|上次更新日期: 2018/3/13
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  1. 在工具箱右击该图标。Right-click the icon in the Toolbox.

  2. 从快捷菜单中,选择自定义From the shortcut menu, choose Customize.

  3. 执行以下操作之一:Do one of the following:

  - <span data-ttu-id="0ed5f-107">若要更改 ToolTip,请为 ToolTip 输入新文本。</span><span class="sxs-lookup"><span data-stu-id="0ed5f-107">To change the ToolTip, enter the new text for the ToolTip.</span></span>
  • 若要编辑图标,选择编辑图片。然后选择您想要使用并选择想要应用该颜色的图像中该像素的颜色。To edit the icon, choose Edit Picture. Then choose the color you want to use and choose the pixel in the image where you want to apply that color.

  • 要分配一个新位图,请选择加载图片。然后确定该文件包含要用作图标的位图。如果试图加载比图标大图片,则会导致出错。To assign a new bitmap, choose Load Picture. Then identify the file that contains the bitmap you want to use as the icon. If you attempt to load a picture that is larger than an icon, an error occurs.

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