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CurX 属性CurX Property

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指定多行文本框组合框中的插入点的当前水平位置。语法对象CurX[=]CurX属性语法具有下列组成部分:Specifies the current horizontal position of the insertion point in a multiline TextBox or ComboBox. Syntaxobject. CurX [= Long ] The CurX property syntax has these parts:

objectobject(所需)。对象有效。Required. A valid object.
LongLong可选。指示当前位置,以 himetric 为单位。每 himetric 等于 0.0001 米。Optional. Indicates the current position, measured in himetrics. A himetric is 0.0001 meter.

备注CurX属性将应用于多行文本框组合框。当对象具有焦点时,返回的值是有效的。您可以使用CurTargetXCurX为用户在文本框组合框滚动多行的内容放置插入点。当用户移动到另一行的文本将插入点滚动对象的内容时, CurTargetX指定插入点的首选的位置。CurX设置成这个值,如果超过CurTargetX的值的一行文本。否则,将CurX设置为一行文本的结尾。Remarks The CurX property applies to a multiline TextBox or ComboBox. The return value is valid when the object has thefocus. You can use CurTargetX and CurX to position the insertion point as the user scrolls through the contents of a multiline TextBox or ComboBox. When the user moves the insertion point to another line of text by scrolling the content of the object, CurTargetX specifies the preferred position for the insertion point. CurX is set to this value if the line of text is longer than the value of CurTargetX. Otherwise, CurX is set to the end of the line of text.

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