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使用 GroupName 属性创建选项组Create an option group using the GroupName property

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  1. 放置在窗体上所有必需的选项按钮控件。注意在多页框架中的选项按钮将自动形成一个选项组。Place all required OptionButton controls on the form. Note that option buttons in a MultiPage or Frame will automatically form an option group.

  2. 标识要创建的每个组的按钮。Identify the buttons for each group you want to create.

  3. 为每个控件的名称属性中输入一个值。Enter a value for the Name property of each control.

  4. 为组中的每个按钮,将该体的设置为相同的值。For each button in a group, set the GroupName property to the same value.

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