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中断命令(运行菜单)Break Command (Run Menu)

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停止正在运行的程序并切换到中断模式下执行。选择此命令时,正在执行任何语句将显示在代码窗口中的与断点如果选项编辑器格式选项卡中选中边距指示符位于左边距对话框。如果应用程序正在等待空闲循环 (正在执行任何语句) 中的事件,没有语句将突出显示,直到事件发生。Stops execution of a program while it's running and switches to break mode. Any statement being executed when you choose this command is displayed in the Code window with Breakpoint in the left margin if you checked Margin Indicator Bar in the EditorFormat tab of the Options dialog box. If the application is waiting for events in the idle loop (no statement is being executed), no statement is highlighted until an event occurs.

在中断模式中进行的某些编辑更改可能要求重新启动程序,以便更改生效。Some editing changes made in break mode may require you to restart your program for the changes to take effect.

工具栏按钮:工具栏按钮。键盘快捷方式: CTRL + BREAK。Toolbar button: Toolbar button. Keyboard shortcut: CTRL+BREAK.

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