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Property Let 或 Property Set 所需的参数Argument required for Property Let or Property Set

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属性 LetSet 属性过程的目的是要给属性的新值。此错误有以下的原因和解决方案:The purpose of Property Let and Property Set procedures is to give a new value to aproperty. This error has the following causes and solutions:

  • 在设置该属性时,值不会出现在这里。将您要上右侧的表达式设置属性值的属性设置的值。In setting the property, the value doesn't appear in the right place. Place the value to which you want to set the property on the right side of the expression setting the property value.

  • 在过程定义中,定义要接收传递在右侧表达式的值的参数已丢失或放错了位置。In the procedure definition, the parameter defined to receive the value passed on the right side of the expression is missing or misplaced.

    在过程定义中指定的参数值的参数列表。如果过程采用多个参数,属性值参数必须出现在列表中最后一个。Specify a parameter for the value argument list in the procedure definition. If the procedure takes more than one argument, the property-value parameter must appear last in the list.

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