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调整控件之间的水平与垂直间隔Adjust horizontal and vertical spacing between controls

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  1. 选择要调整间距的控件。Select the controls where you want to adjust spacing.

  2. 格式菜单中,选择水平间距垂直间距From the Format menu, choose Horizontal Spacing or Vertical Spacing.

  3. 在多级菜单中,选择下列项之一:From the cascading menu, choose one of the following:

  -  <span data-ttu-id="40783-p101">**相同**— — 以控制所有的水平和垂直间距的大小相同。水平和垂直空间量取决于可用于显示控件和所有控件的总的宽度的区域。</span><span class="sxs-lookup"><span data-stu-id="40783-p101">**Make Equal** — to make all horizontal and vertical spaces between controls the same size. The amount of horizontal and vertical space will vary depending on the area available for displaying controls and the combined width of all controls.</span></span>
  • 增加--以增加一个网格块的控件之间的间距。Increase — to increase the space between controls by onegrid block.

  • 减小,减小一个网格块的控件之间的间距。Decrease — to decrease the space between controls by one grid block.

  • 删除— 删除控件之间的间距。控件不能重叠,但立即相邻。Remove — to remove the space between controls. The controls do not overlap, but are immediately adjacent to each other.

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