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ToggleButton.PressedForeShade 属性 (访问)ToggleButton.PressedForeShade Property (Access)

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获取或设置应用于指定对象的PressedForeColor属性中的主题颜色的阴影。读/写单个Gets or sets the shade applied to the theme color in the PressedForeColor property of the specified object. Read/write Single.


表达式PressedForeShadeexpression. PressedForeShade

表达式_一个表示一个切换按钮对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents a ToggleButton object.


PressedForeShade属性包含一个数值表达式,可用于在PressedForeColor属性中的主题颜色变暗。PressedForeShade属性的默认值为 100,它是中性的并不会更改的主题颜色。若要使颜色变暗,首先确定加深从 1 到 100,然后减去该值为 100 的整数,并使用其余部分的百分比。例如,使主题颜色底纹变暗了 75%,减去从 100 75 和使用其余部分,即 25。The PressedForeShade property contains a numeric expression that can be used to darken the theme color in the PressedForeColor property. The default value of the PressedForeShade property is 100, which is neutral, and does not change the theme color. To darken the color, first determine the percentage by which to darken from 1 to 100, then subtract that value as a whole number from 100 and use the remainder. For example, to darken the theme color shade by 75%, subtract 75 from 100 and use the remainder, which is 25.

此属性未出现在属性表中。This property is not surfaced in the property sheet.

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切换按钮对象ToggleButton Object

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