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TextBox.IMESentenceMode 属性 (访问)TextBox.IMESentenceMode Property (Access)

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表达式IMESentenceModeexpression. IMESentenceMode

表达式_一个表示文本框对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents a TextBox object.


IMESentenceMode属性使用以下设置。The IMESentenceMode property uses the following settings.

设置Setting说明DescriptionVisual BasicVisual Basic
常规Normal(默认值)设置为输入法语句模式?普通?模式。(Default) Set IME Sentence Mode to ?Normal? mode.00
复数Plural设置为输入法语句模式?复数形式?模式。Set IME Sentence Mode to ?Plural? mode.11
讲述Speaking设置为输入法语句模式?说话吗?模式。Set IME Sentence Mode to ?Speaking? mode.22
无转化No Conversion不是吗? t 设置输入法语句模式。Doesn?t set IME Sentence Mode.33

普通模式Normal mode

在创建书面日语文档时使用此模式。Use this mode when creating a literary Japanese document.

复数模式Plural mode

输入名称或通讯地址数据时使用此模式。在此模式下,两个附加的词典可以使用。吗?人物/地理词典吗?包含了普通词典中没有涵盖到的名称,并?邮政代码词典?、 出厂。(出厂设置)。Use this mode when entering name or address data. In this mode, two additional dictionaries are available. The ?Biographical/Geographical Dictionary? contains names not covered in the normal dictionary and the ?Postal Code Dictionary?, useful in creating addresses. (Factory setting.)

语音模式Speaking mode

在输入包含有口语语言的数据时使用此模式。Use this mode when entering data that contains conversational language.

不进行转换No Conversion

在此模式中,所输入的字符不需转换就可以处理。In this mode, inputted characters are settled without conversion.

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