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TextBox.ControlTipText 属性 (访问)TextBox.ControlTipText Property (Access)

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可以使用控件提示文本属性来指定在屏幕提示中显示的文本,当鼠标指针悬停在控件上时。读/写,字符串You can use the ControlTipText property to specify the text that appears in a ScreenTip when you hold the mouse pointer over a control. Read/write String.


表达式控件提示文本expression. ControlTipText

表达式_一个表示文本框对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents a TextBox object.


您可以使用最长为 255 个字符的字符串表达式设置控件提示文本属性。You set the ControlTipText property by using a string expression up to 255 characters long.

对于窗体上的控件,可以在 Visual Basic 中使用的默认控件样式或DefaultControl属性来设置此属性的默认值。For controls on forms, you can set the default for this property by using the default control style or the DefaultControl property in Visual Basic.

您可以在任何视图中设置控件提示文本属性。You can set the ControlTipText property in any view.

控件提示文本属性,可以轻松提供有用的信息,有关在窗体上的控件。The ControlTipText property provides an easy way to provide helpful information about controls on a form.

有其他方法可以提供有关窗体或窗体上的控件的信息。状态栏文字属性可用于在状态栏中的控件中显示信息。若要为窗体或控件提供更广泛的帮助,请使用帮助文件帮助上下文 Id属性。There are other ways to provide information about a form or a control on a form. You can use the StatusBarText property to display information in the status bar about a control. To provide more extensive help for a form or control, use the HelpFile and HelpContextID properties.

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