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已经存在。(错误 3010)Table already exists. (Error 3010)

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适用于:访问 2013年 |访问 2016 年Applies to: Access 2013 | Access 2016

试图使用此数据库中已存在的名称来创建或重命名表。请选择其他名称,然后重试该操作。You tried to create or rename a table with a name that already exists in this database. Choose another name, and then try the operation again.

在多用户数据库中,如果删除某个表,另一个用户创建一个表具有相同的名称,然后尝试回滚删除的表,可以也将发生此错误。若要还原您的表,另一个用户必须首先删除或重命名新表之前重试回滚操作。访问支持资源In a multiuser database, this error can also occur if you delete a table, another user creates a table with the same name, and then you try to roll back the deletion of your table. To restore your table, the other user must first delete or rename the new table before you try the rollback operation again. ACCESS SUPPORT RESOURCES
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