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SubForm.Parent 属性 (访问)SubForm.Parent Property (Access)

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返回指定对象的父对象。只读。Returns the parent object for the specified object. Read-only.


表达式父级expression. Parent

表达式_一个表示子窗体对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents a SubForm object.


属性可用于确定哪些窗体或报表是当前父级时子窗体或子报表,已在多个窗体或报表中插入。You can use the Parent property to determine which form or report is currently the parent when you have a subform or subreport that has been inserted in multiple forms or reports.

例如,您可以插入一个订单明细子窗体窗体和报表。下面的示例使用Parent属性来引用订单 id 字段,它出现在主窗体和报表。您可以在子窗体上的绑定控件输入此表达式。For example, you might insert an OrderDetails subform into both a form and a report. The following example uses the Parent property to refer to the OrderID field, which is present on the main form and report. You can enter this expression in a bound control on the subform.


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