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Reference.BuiltIn 属性 (访问)Reference.BuiltIn Property (Access)

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内置属性返回一个布尔值,该值指示是否引用对象点为默认引用所需的 Microsoft Access 才能正常工作。只读的布尔值The BuiltIn property returns a Boolean value indicating whether a Reference object points to a default reference that's necessary for Microsoft Access to function properly. Read-only Boolean.


表达式内建expression. BuiltIn

表达式_一个表示引用对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents a Reference object.


内置属性只能通过使用 Visual Basic 也可为只读。The BuiltIn property is available only by using Visual Basic and is read-only.

(?1)True (?1)引用对象引用的默认引用,无法删除。The Reference object refers to a default reference that can't be removed.
(0)False (0)引用对象引用的非默认引用,没有必要为 Microsoft Access 才能正常工作。The Reference object refers to a nondefault reference that isn't necessary for Microsoft Access to function properly.

Microsoft Access 中的默认引用包括 Microsoft Access 12.0 对象库、Microsoft Office 12.0 Access Connectivity Engine、Visual Basic For Applications 库、OLE Automation 库和 Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.5 库。The default references in Microsoft Access include the Microsoft Access 12.0 object library, Microsoft Office 12.0 Access Connectivity Engine, the Visual Basic For Applications library, OLE Automation library, and Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.5 library.


下面的示例将引用集合中的默认引用:The following example prints the default references in the References collection:

Sub ReferenceBuiltInOnly() 
 Dim ref As Reference 

 ' Enumerate through References collection. 
 For Each ref In References 
 ' Check BuiltIn property. 
 If ref.BuiltIn = True Then 
 Debug.Print ref.Name 
 End If 
 Next ref 
End Sub

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