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OptionGroup.BackStyle 属性 (访问)OptionGroup.BackStyle Property (Access)

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BackStyle属性可用于指定控件是否透明。读取/写入字节You can use the BackStyle property to specify whether a control will be transparent. Read/write Byte.


表达式expression. BackStyle

表达式_一个表示选项组中的对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents an OptionGroup object.


BackStyle属性使用以下设置。The BackStyle property uses the following settings.

设置SettingVisual BasicVisual Basic说明Description
常规Normal11(除了选项组之外的所有控件的默认值)该控件具有的背景颜色属性来设置其内部的颜色。(Default for all controls except option group) The control has its interior color set by the BackColor property.
透明Transparent00(选项组的默认设置)控件是透明的,控件后面的窗体或报表颜色可见。(Default for option group) The control is transparent. The color of the form or report behind the control is visible.

你可以使用控件的默认控件样式或 Visual Basic 中的 DefaultControl 属性来设置该属性的默认值。You can set the default for this property by using a control's default control style or the DefaultControl property in Visual Basic.

如果选择后退按钮在调色板上的透明按钮,将BackStyle属性设置为透明;否则将BackStyle属性设置为普通。If the Transparent button on the Back Color button palette is selected, the BackStyle property is set to Transparent; otherwise the BackStyle property is set to Normal.

若要使命令按钮不可见,请透明属性设置为是。To make a command button invisible, set its Transparent property to Yes.

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