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ObjectFrame.HelpContextId 属性 (访问)ObjectFrame.HelpContextId Property (Access)

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帮助上下文 Id属性指定在帮助文件属性设置所指定的自定义帮助文件主题的上下文 ID。读/写The HelpContextID property specifies the context ID of a topic in the custom Help file specified by the HelpFile property setting. Read/write Long.


表达式帮助上下文 Idexpression. HelpContextId

表达式_一个表示ObjectFrame对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents an ObjectFrame object.


请注意 如果输入帮助文件主题的上下文 ID 为正数,则帮助主题将显示"完整的"帮助主题窗口中。如果您添加一个减号 ("-") 在"弹出式"窗口中将上下文 ID,前面显示的帮助主题。请务必注意不需要必须在创作时添加负号的上下文 ID。在设置属性使主题在弹出窗口中显示时,您必须添加负号。Note If you enter the context ID of the Help file topic as a positive number, the help topic will display in a "full" help topic window. If you add a minus sign ("-") in front of the context ID, the help topic will be displayed in a "pop-up" window. It is important to note the context ID does not have to have a negative number when authored in Microsoft Help Workshop. You must add the minus sign when setting the property to make the topic display in the pop-up window.

可以为使用 Microsoft Access 创建的文档窗体、报表或应用程序创建自定义“帮助”文件。You can create a custom Help file to document forms, reports, or applications you create with Microsoft Access.

在窗体视图中按 F1 键时,Microsoft Access 将调用 Microsoft 帮助研讨会或 Microsoft HTML 帮助研讨会的应用程序、 加载的窗体或报表中,帮助文件属性设置指定的自定义帮助文件和显示的帮助主题由帮助上下文 Id属性设置指定。When you press the F1 key in Form view, Microsoft Access calls the Microsoft Help Workshop or Microsoft HTML Help Workshop application, loads the custom Help file specified by the HelpFile property setting for the form or report, and displays the Help topic specified by the HelpContextID property setting.

如果控件的帮助上下文 Id属性设置为 0 (默认值),则 Microsoft Access 将使用该窗体的帮助上下文 Id帮助文件属性来标识要显示的帮助主题。如果在窗体视图或如果窗体和控件的帮助上下文 Id属性设置为 0 以外的其他视图中按 f1 键,将显示 Microsoft Access 的帮助主题。If a control's HelpContextID property setting is 0 (the default), Microsoft Access uses the form's HelpContextID and HelpFile properties to identify the Help topic to display. If you press F1 in a view other than Form view or if the HelpContextID property setting for both the form and the control is 0, a Microsoft Access Help topic is displayed.

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