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NavigationButton.BorderStyle 属性 (访问)NavigationButton.BorderStyle Property (Access)

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指定控件边框的外观。读取/写入字节Specifies how a control's border appears.Read/write Byte.


表达式边框样式expression. BorderStyle

表达式_一个表示NavigationButton对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents a NavigationButton object.


对于控件,将边框样式属性使用以下设置。For controls, the BorderStyle property uses the following settings.

设置SettingVisual BasicVisual Basic说明Description
透明Transparent00(仅作为标签、图表和子报表的默认值)透明(Default only for label, chart, and subreport) Transparent
实线Solid11(默认值)实线(Default) Solid line
虚线Dashes22虚线Dashed line
短虚线Short dashes33短虚线Dashed line with short dashes
点线Dots44点线Dotted line
稀疏点线Sparse dots55点距较宽的点线Dotted line with dots spaced far apart
点划线Dash dot66虚线与点线组合的点划线Line with a dash-dot combination
点点划线Dash dot dot77虚线-点线-点线组合的点点划线Line with a dash-dot-dot combination
双实线Double solid88双实线Double solid lines

你可以使用控件的默认控件样式或 Visual Basic 中的 DefaultControl 属性来设置该属性的默认值。You can set the default for this property by using a control's default control style or the DefaultControl property in Visual Basic.

只有在其特殊效果属性设为平直或阴影时,控件的边框样式是可见的。如果特殊效果属性设置为平直或阴影,将边框样式属性设置更改特殊效果属性设置为平面。A control's border style is visible only when its SpecialEffect property is set to Flat or Shadowed. If the SpecialEffect property is set to something other than Flat or Shadowed, setting the BorderStyle property changes the SpecialEffect property setting to Flat.

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