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LogMessages 属性LogMessages Property

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适用于:访问 2013年 |访问 2016 年Applies to: Access 2013 | Access 2016

可以使用 SQL 传递查询中的日志消息属性来指定是否在消息表中当前的 Microsoft Access 数据库中存储的从 SQL 数据库返回的消息。You can use the LogMessages property in an SQL pass-through query to specify whether messages returned from an SQL database are stored in a messages table in the current Microsoft Access database.

请注意日志消息属性仅适用于直接传递查询。Note The LogMessages property applies only to pass-through queries.


日志消息属性使用以下设置。The LogMessages property uses the following settings.

设置SettingVisual BasicVisual Basic说明Description
Yes(-1)True (-1)Microsoft Access 将 SQL 数据库返回的消息存储在消息表中。Microsoft Access stores messages returned from the SQL database in a messages table.
No(0)False (0)(默认值)Microsoft Access 不存储从 SQL 数据库中返回的消息。(Default) Microsoft Access doesn't store messages returned from the SQL database.

您可以通过使用查询的属性表或 Visual Basic 来设置该属性。You can set this property by using the query's property sheet or Visual Basic .


返回的消息的存储位置的邮件表名是_用户名-nn_,其中_用户名_是运行直接传递查询的用户的登录名,并_nn_是从 00 开始的整数,增加 1 个增量。例如,如果用户 JoanW 的日志消息属性设置为是,并从 SQL 数据库中接收消息,消息表将被命名为 JoanW-00。如果 JoanW 在另一个 Microsoft Access 会话中接收消息 (并且尚未删除的第一个表),01 将创建名为 JoanW 的一个新表。The name of the messages table where the returned messages are stored is username - nn, where username is the logon name of the user running the pass-through query, and nn is an integer that increases in increments of 1, starting at 00. For example, if user JoanW sets the LogMessages property to Yes and receives messages from an SQL database, the messages table will be named JoanW - 00. If JoanW receives messages in another Microsoft Access session (and the first table hasn't been deleted), a new table named JoanW - 01 is created.

请注意 来自 SQL Server 错误信息并不存储在消息表中。Note Error messages from SQL Server aren't stored in the messages table.

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