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本地或匿名副本不能成为设计母版。(错误 3771)Local or Anonymous replicas cannot be made the design master. (Error 3771)

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适用于:访问 2013年 |访问 2016 年Applies to: Access 2013 | Access 2016

无法建立设计母版的本地副本或匿名副本,因为它们不包含副本集的完整系统信息。只能建立设计母版的全局副本。只有在确信当前设计母版无效并且不再作为设计母版使用时,或者需要移动设计母版时,才需要建立新的设计母版。Local or Anonymous replicas of the Design Master cannot be made because they do not contain the complete system information of the replica set. Only Global replicas of the Design Master can be made. You want to make a new Design Master only if you are sure the current one is invalid and no longer functioning as a Design Master, or if the Design Master needs to be moved.

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