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Label.ReadingOrder 属性 (访问)Label.ReadingOrder Property (Access)

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您可以使用读取次序属性可以指定或确定文本中的单词的阅读顺序。读取/写入字节You can use the ReadingOrder property to specify or determine the reading order of words in text. Read/write Byte.


表达式读取次序expression. ReadingOrder

表达式_一个表示Label对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents a Label object.


读取次序属性使用以下设置。The ReadingOrder property uses the following settings.

设置SettingVisual BasicVisual Basic说明Description
上下文Context00读取顺序由所输入的首字符的语言所确定。如果首先输入从右到左的语言字符,则读取顺序就为从右到左。如果首先输入从左到右的语言字符,则读取顺序就为从左到右。Reading order is determined by the language of the first character entered. If a right-to-left language character is entered first, reading order is right to left. If a left-to-right language character is entered first, reading order is left to right.
从左到右Left-to-Right11将读取顺序设置为从左到右。Sets the reading order to left to right.
从右到左Right-to-Left22将读取顺序设置为从右到左。Sets the reading order to right to left.


下面的示例将“International Shipping”(国际货运)窗体上的“Address”(地址)文本框的阅读顺序设置为从右到左。The following example sets the reading order to right to left for the "Address" text box on the "International Shipping" form.

Forms("International Shipping").Controls("Address").ReadingOrder = 2

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