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In 运算符没有 ()。(错误 2429)In operator without (). (Error 2429)

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在编写包含In运算符的 SQL 语句的代码,必须包围要测试带括号的项目列表。例如,一个值的一组值之一,您可以 SQL 查询的 WHERE 子句中使用以下代码:When coding an SQL statement that includes the In operator, you must surround the list of items to test with parentheses. For example, to see if a value is one of a set of values, you could use the following code in the WHERE clause of an SQL query:

WHERE Region In ('TX', 'CA', 'WA')

此代码测试地区字段是否包含任何上述的缩写,代表德克萨斯州、 加利福尼亚州和华盛顿特区。访问支持资源This code tests to see if the Region field contains any of the above abbreviations, which represent Texas, California, and Washington. ACCESS SUPPORT RESOURCES
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