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是否有关于 MDAC 文档的反馈?Do You Have Feedback About MDAC Documentation?

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MDAC 文档工作组非常乐于接受您关于我们的文档和示例的建议和意见。您可以通过电子邮件或 Universal Data Access 网站快速直接地将反馈发送给我们。此版本的文档中已经实现了很多来自用户的建议。The MDAC documentation team welcomes your suggestions and comments about our documentation and samples. You can send feedback quickly and directly to us via e-mail or the Universal Data Access Web site. Many of your suggestions have been implemented in this release of the documentation.

请注意 如果您需要技术支持,请参阅"获得帮助从 Microsoft 产品支持服务"。MDAC 文档工作组不能回答技术支持问题,但我们欢迎您的反馈有关演示文稿、 准确性和完整性的文档,以及改进的建议。Note If you need technical support, see "Getting Help from Microsoft Product Support Services." The MDAC documentation team cannot answer technical support questions, but we welcome your feedback concerning the presentation, accuracy, and thoroughness of the documentation, as well as your ideas for improving it.


现在,MDAC 文档包括在每个主题顶部的文档反馈按钮。单击此按钮,即可轻松地向 MDAC 文档工作组发送电子邮件反馈。下面还列出 MDAC 文档的每个部分的地址。The MDAC documentation now includes a Documentation Feedback button at the top of every topic. Clicking this button offers an easy way to send e-mail feedback to the MDAC documentation team. Addresses for each section of the MDAC documentation also appear below.

OLE DB 和提供程序OLE DB and
ODBC 和驱动程序ODBC and
MDAC 技术文章MDAC technical

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