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组合框控件Combo Box Control

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适用于:访问 2013年 |访问 2016 年Applies to: Access 2013 | Access 2016

组合框控件结合了文本框和列表框中的特征。当希望可以有选择是键入值还是从预定义列表中选择值的自由时,请使用组合框。The combo box control combines the features of a text box and a list box. Use a combo box when you want the option of either typing a value or selecting a value from a predefined list.


在“窗体”视图中,只有单击组合框的箭头时 Microsoft Access 才会显示列表。In Form view, Microsoft Access doesn't display the list until you click the combo box's arrow.

如果在选取组合框工具之前,已打开了“控件向导”,那么可以使用向导来创建组合框。若要打开或关闭“控件向导”,请在工具箱中单击“控件向导”工具。If you have Control Wizards on before you select the combo box tool, you can create a combo box with a wizard. To turn Control Wizards on or off, click the Control Wizards button in the toolbox.

限于列表属性的设置决定了是否能够输入不在列表中的值。The setting of the LimitToList property determines whether you can enter values that aren't in the list.

列表可以是单列也可以是多列,而且列可以显示也可以不显示列标题。The list can be single- or multiple-column, and the columns can appear with or without headings.

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