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BoundObjectFrame.Move 方法 (访问)BoundObjectFrame.Move Method (Access)

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将指定的对象移到参数值所指定的坐标处。Moves the specified object to the coordinates specified by the argument values.


表达式移动(* 顶部宽度高度)expression. **Move( ** Left, ** Top, ** Width, ** Height* )

表达式_一个表示BoundObjectFrame对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents a BoundObjectFrame object.


名称Name必需/可选Required/Optional数据类型Data Type说明Description
LeftLeft必需RequiredVariantVariant对象左边缘相对 Microsoft Access 窗口左边缘的屏幕位置(以缇为单位)。The screen position in twips for the left edge of the object relative to the left edge of the Microsoft Access window.
TopTop可选OptionalVariantVariant对象上边缘相对 Microsoft Access 窗口上边缘的屏幕位置(以缇为单位)。The screen position in twips for the top edge of the object relative to the top edge of the Microsoft Access window.
WidthWidth可选OptionalVariantVariant对象所需宽度(以缇为单位)。The desired width in twips of the object.
HeightHeight可选OptionalVariantVariant对象所需高度(以缇为单位)。The desired height in twips of the object.


仅_左边_参数是必需的。但是,若要指定其他参数,必须指定所有参数,请在它前面。例如,不能没有指定_Left_和_Top_指定_宽度_。未指定任何位于末端的参数保持不变。Only the Left argument is required. However, to specify any other arguments, you must specify all the arguments that precede it. For example, you cannot specify Width without specifying Left and Top. Any trailing arguments that are unspecified remain unchanged.

此方法重写属性,可移动This method overrides the Moveable property.

在数据表视图或打印预览中,如果用户明显地保存数据库,但 Access 不提示用户保存这种更改保存使用Move方法所做的更改。In Datasheet View or Print Preview, changes made using the Move method are saved if the user explicitly saves the database, but Access does not prompt the user to save such changes.

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