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Attachment.OnMouseDown 属性 (访问)Attachment.OnMouseDown Property (Access)

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设置或返回属性窗口中鼠标按下框中的值。读/写,字符串Sets or returns the value of the On Mouse Down box in the Properties window. Read/write String.


表达式OnMouseDownexpression. OnMouseDown

表达式_一个表示附件对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents an Attachment object.


该属性有助于以编程方式更改事件别触发时 Microsoft Access 所采取的行动。例如,在各次事件调用之间可能要根据触发事件的环境更改表达式的参数,或从一个事件过程切换到一个表达式或宏。This property is helpful for programmatically changing the action Microsoft Access takes when an event is triggered. For example, between event calls you may want to change an expression's parameters, or switch from an event procedure to an expression or macro, depending on the circumstances under which the event was triggered.

用户单击鼠标按钮的同时将鼠标指针停留在该对象时发生MouseDown事件。The MouseDown event occurs when the user clicks the mouse button while the mouse pointer rests over the object.

OnMouseDown值将为以下操作,具体取决于在选择生成器窗口 (通过单击该对象的属性中的鼠标按下框旁的生成按钮来访问窗口中):The OnMouseDown value will be one of the following, depending on the selection chosen in the Choose Builder window (accessed by clicking the Build button next to the On Mouse Down box in the object's Properties window):

  • 如果选择表达式生成器,则值将为"=表达式",其中_表达式_是表达式生成器窗口中的表达式。If Expression Builder is chosen, the value will be "= expression", where expression is the expression from the Expression Builder window.

  • 如果选择了“宏生成器”,则该值是宏的名称。If Macro Builder is chosen, the value is the name of the macro.

  • 如果选择了“代码生成器”,则该值是“[事件过程]”。If Code Builder is chosen, the value will be "[Event Procedure]".

如果鼠标按下框为空,属性值将为空字符串。If the On Mouse Down box is blank, the property value is an empty string.

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