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ADO/WFC 语法索引ADO/WFC Syntax Index

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“ADO 语言参考”使用 Microsoft Visual Basic 编程语言来阐释 ADO 方法和属性语法。本索引是对“ADO 语言参考”主题的交叉引用,它基于 Microsoft Visual J++ 和 ADO for Windows Foundation Classes (ADO/WFC)。当出现语法差异时,请使用本索引中的函数签名对照语言参考主题中的语法列表。The ADO Language Reference uses the Microsoft Visual Basic programming language to illustrate ADO method and property syntax. This index is a cross-reference to the ADO Language Reference topics, based on Microsoft Visual J++ and ADO for Windows Foundation Classes (ADO/WFC). When differences in syntax arise, use the function signatures in this index, as opposed to the syntax listings in the language reference topic.

方法和属性的语法列出的以下元素: ActiveX 数据对象Method and property syntax are listed for the following elements: ActiveX Data Objects

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