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Publish-Script cmdlet 会将指定的脚本发布到联机库。


Publish-Script cmdlet 可发布包含诸如 Version、Guid、Author 和 Description 等有效元数据的脚本文件。Publish-Script cmdlet 上的 Force 开关参数会在不提示的情况下启动 NuGet.exe。

Cmdlet 语法

Get-Command -Name Publish-Script -Module PowerShellGet -Syntax

Cmdlet 联机帮助参考



# Publish the really basic script file with required metadata

Publish-Script -Path C:\ScriptSharingDemo\Demo-Script.ps1 -Repository GalleryINT -NuGetApiKey cad91af7-a49c-4026-9570-a4c16564e785 -Verbose

NuGet.exe is required to continue
PowerShellGet requires NuGet.exe to publish an item to the NuGet-based repositories. NuGet.exe must be available under one of the paths specified in PATH environment variable value. Do you
want PowerShellGet to install NuGet.exe now?
[Y] Yes [N] No [S] Suspend [?] Help (default is "Y"): Y
VERBOSE: Installing NuGet.exe.
VERBOSE: GET with 0-byte payload
VERBOSE: received 1686528-byte response of content type application/octet-stream
VERBOSE: Performing the operation "Publish-Script" on target "Version '1.0' of script 'Demo-Script'".
VERBOSE: Successfully published script 'Demo-Script' to the publish location ''. Please allow few minutes for 'Demo-Script' to show up in the search results.

Find-Script -Repository GalleryINT -Name Demo-Script

Version Name Type Repository Description
------- ---- ---- ---------- -----------
1.0 Demo-Script Script GalleryINT Script file description goes here

Find-Script -Repository GalleryINT -Name Demo-Script | Format-List * -Force

Name : Demo-Script
Version : 1.0
Type : Script
Description : Script file description goes here
Author : manikb
CompanyName : manikb
Copyright :
PublishedDate : 11/16/2015 6:46:28 PM
LicenseUri :
ProjectUri :
IconUri :
Tags : {PSScript}
Includes : {Function, DscResource, Cmdlet, Workflow...}
PowerShellGetFormatVersion :
ReleaseNotes :
Dependencies : {}
RepositorySourceLocation :
Repository : GalleryINT
PackageManagementProvider : NuGet
AdditionalMetadata : {description, developmentDependency, tags, PackageManagementProvider...}
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