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ILocator 接口

Represents the application of an access policy to an asset.

命名空间:  Microsoft.WindowsAzure.MediaServices.Client
程序集:  Microsoft.WindowsAzure.MediaServices.Client(在 Microsoft.WindowsAzure.MediaServices.Client.dll 中)

public interface ILocator

ILocator 类型公开以下成员。

公共属性AccessPolicy Gets the IAccessPolicy that defines this locator.
公共属性AccessPolicyIdGets the access policy identifier.
公共属性Asset Gets the IAsset that this locator is attached to.
公共属性AssetIdGets the asset identifier of this locator.
公共属性BaseUriGets the base Uri of this locator.
公共属性ContentAccessComponentGets the content access component of this locator.
公共属性ExpirationDateTimeGets the expiration date time of this locator.
公共属性IdGets the identifier of this locator.
公共属性PathGets the locator path.
公共属性StartTimeGets the locator start time.
公共属性TypeGets the locator type.

公共方法Delete Deletes the specified Locator, revoking any access it provided.
公共方法DeleteAsync Asynchronously revokes the specified Locator, denying any access it provided.
公共方法Update(DateTime) Updates the expiration time of an Origin locator.
公共方法Update(Nullable<DateTime>, DateTime) Updates the start time or expiration time of an Origin locator.
公共方法UpdateAsync(DateTime) Asynchronously updates the expiration time of an Origin locator.
公共方法UpdateAsync(Nullable<DateTime>, DateTime) Asynchronously updates the start time or expiration time of an Origin locator.

A locator provides access to an asset using the Path property.


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