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There are many different learning styles that reflect different individual preferences or ways to communicate ideas and information. MSDN brings learning information to you in a variety of styles to suit different developers' learning styles.

Getting Started 

For most products and tasks, there is some form of Getting Started guide. Getting Started tutorials, documents, and other help are great when you're new to a product or you are looking to learn more about a new version of a product. Here are some Getting Started guides to help you dive deeper.

New to development? Please visit our Beginner Developer Learning Center
Visual Studio: Getting Started Guide  Getting Started: Windows 7 
Learning Visual Studio  Getting Started: ASP.NET 
Getting Started With C# Getting Started: Silverlight for Windows Phone 
Getting Started With Visual Basic Getting Started: XNA Game Studio and XNA Framework 
Getting Started With C++  Getting Started with Windows Azure 

To find additional Getting Started guides for other products, see the All Developer Centers page.

To find additional Getting Started guides for other age.

Samples & Code 

For many developers, the easiest way to learn is to take existing code and either view it directly or run it and try it to see how it works. For this approach, samples are ideal because you can directly run and test a specific idea or approach.

MSDN Samples  Windows Phone Samples 
Visual Studio 2010 Samples  ASP.NET Samples 
Windows Client Samples  Code Gallery 
Windows Azure Samples  CodePlex 
Tutorials, Walkthroughs, & Quickstarts 

Tutorials and similar learning activities are about step-by-step instructions that are associated with a specific goal. Tutorials are a fantastic way to learn with a combination of instruction and actually doing the task. This dual approach can be a very efficient way for you to learn many different types of tasks.

Visual Studio WalkthroughsWindows Phone Quickstarts  
Windows Client Tutorials  ASP.NET Web Forms Tutorials 
Windows Azure Tutorials  ASP.NET MVC Tutorials 

We have hundreds of hours of video content to help you learn programming. This content is tailored to a wide range of learning styles and technical levels. Videos are a great way to watch and learn specific approaches and techniques.

Visual Studio 2010 "How Do I" videos ASP.NET videos (including MVC) 
Windows Client videos  Windows Forms videos 
Windows Phone 7 "How Do I" videos  Channel 9: Videos and Chats 

To find additional videos for other products, see the All "How Do I" videos page.

Virtual Labs 

Quickly evaluate or learn how to build great applications for Windows, Windows Phone, Windows Azure, and the web by using a series of guided, hands-on labs that you can complete in 90 minutes or less. MSDN Virtual Labs don't require any installation and are available to you immediately at no cost.

Visual Studio 2010 Virtual Labs  Internet Explorer Virtual Labs 
Windows 7 Virtual Labs  ASP.NET Virtual Labs 
Windows Phone Virtual Labs  Microsoft Office Virtual Labs 
Windows Azure Virtual Labs  SQL Server 2008 Virtual Labs 

To find additional Virtual Labs for other products, see the All Microsoft Virtual Labs page.


When in doubt, read! The MSDN library is one of the most fundamental resources for learning either the basics or the advanced concepts of different technology areas. The library is one of the richest resources available for detailed information on programming by using Microsoft products.

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