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Display ads using the Microsoft advertising libraries

McLean Schofield|Last Updated: 4/28/2016

[ Updated for UWP apps on Windows 10. For Windows 8.x articles, see the archive ]

Use the Microsoft advertising libraries in the Microsoft Store Engagement and Monetization SDK to show banner and video interstitial ads in your XAML or JavaScript/HTML apps for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.

Important The Microsoft advertising libraries are a different set of extensions from the ad mediation libraries. For more information about the differences between the ad mediation and Microsoft advertising libraries, see What is the difference: AdMediatorControl or AdControl. For information about using ad mediation, see Use ad mediation to maximize revenue.

The following topics provide information about common tasks involving the Windows advertising libraries.

Install and get started using the Microsoft advertising libraries.See Get started with Microsoft advertising libraries.
Show banner ads in your XAML/C# app.See AdControl in XAML and .NET.
Show banner ads in your HTML/JavaScript app.See AdControl in HTML 5 and Javascript.
Show a video interstitial ad in your app.See Interstitial ads.
Download sample projects that demonstrate how to add banner and interstitial ads to apps.See the Advertising samples on GitHub.
Handle AdControl errors in your app.See Error handling and the walkthroughs under AdControl error handling.
Report a bug in the Microsoft advertising libraries.Visit the support page.
Get community support.Visit the forum.

In this section

Get started with the Microsoft advertising librariesProvides the information you need to get started using the Microsoft advertising libraries to add banner and video interstitial ads to your apps.
Developer informationProvides useful information to developers about the Microsoft advertising libraries, including how to work with ad units and handling errors related to ads.
Developer walkthroughsProvides walkthroughs that show you how to add banner ads and video interstitial ads to apps by using the Microsoft advertising libraries.
Code samplesProvides examples that demonstrate how to use the properties, methods, and events of the AdControl and InterstitialAd classes in the Microsoft advertising libraries to target users, manually refresh ads, and handle events.
Troubleshooting guidesDescribes solutions to common development issues with the Microsoft advertising libraries.
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